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Website Optimization

4 min read

What is ADA Compliance, Accessibility, and WCAG 2.1?

If you've been following Google's core web vitals update,...

2 min read

Anatomy of an Ideal About Page

The Key Elements That Build Trust and Engage Visitors Your...

4 min read

Browsers and Your Business: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Online

How much thought have you given to browsers? You know, the...

4 min read

Google's Helpful Content Update: 6 Facts You Need to Know

It’s no secret that Google Search is constantly at work,...

A typewriter next to text that emphasizes the importance of copywriting.

4 min read

The Importance of Copywriting for Website Optimization and Digital Marketing

When investing in a new website, copywriting is often given...

4 min read

The Ideal Number of Images to Use in a Website

As a consumer and internet user, you already know pictures...

4 min read

Website Architecture and UI/UX for SEO

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically in...

4 min read

Why Should You Rebuild Your Website? And When?

Your website is the first impression potential customers...